Frequently Asked Questions

The CareSync Application

What Is CareSync?
CareSync is a family health record that collects, organizes, and stores your health information on a secure, privacy platform. By collecting all of your family’s healthcare data in one place, you save time, money, and energy by not duplicating data entry, and having immediate access to your health data at any time, any place, and on any device.
What makes CareSync different?
In CareSync, you can store your records from multiple providers in one secure, central location. With CareSync Plus, our trained medical records retrieval specialists act on your behalf to collect, enter, and organize your health information. With this personalized service, this specialist is a member of your Care Team and works for you to build your complete health record.
How do I sign up for CareSync?
It takes less than five minutes! Just go to, and create your account. Once you sign up, you just have to check your inbox and click the validation link that we send you (to make sure it's really you). Once you do that, sign in, and you'll be ready to start building your family health record.
What type of records and healthcare information will be stored in CareSync?
Care Manager provides tools to plan for appointments and manage tasks. Medical records include office visit notes, hospitalization records, surgery records, test results like labs, X-rays, and MRIs, current and past medications, allergies, conditions, providers, and emergency contacts, insurance information, and summaries of each visit you have with a healthcare provider.
How does CareSync organize my health records?
By entering your health information into CareSync, you'll have access to your complete medical "snapshot." Medical records we receive are stored as scanned documents, and specific information like medications, health conditions, allergies, and visit information are entered in organized fields so you can quickly access. Each visit is summarized so that you and your family can easily understand and share it with caregivers and providers.
How will my records be useful to me?
Your CareSync health record is useful for a number of reasons. First, you'll have all of your healthcare information stored in one secure place, not silo'd among your various providers. Second, CareSync is a tool to simply share your health information quickly. When your general practitioner asks you what medications you are taking, you can instantly share the list via print and fax. With access to your complete health story, you can work with your Care Team to make the best choices for you.
What happens if I relocate, change physicians, or insurance providers?
That's the beauty of CareSync! Once you get your information into your CareSync account, it's yours and it goes where you go. Unlike most patient and insurance portals, your CareSync health record is independent of specific physicians and insurance providers. By having this data, it makes the process of getting established with a new provider very easy. With 2 clicks, and you can share any part of your health record with your new provider.
What does CareSync cost?
The CareSync application is free for as many family and care team members as you wish. Enter the information yourself and use the handy visit tools to create engaging communication with your healthcare providers and care teams.

CareSync Plus services do all the work to communicate with your providers and put useful information into your account. If you don’t want to get the records on your own, a CareSync representative will act as a member of your care team, retrieve your records, and enter the data and a summary of the provider’s assessment and summary in your record.

We understand that your health needs are constantly changing, so we offer packages for getting health histories, unlimited packages, and per-visit records. Click here for pricing options:
How do I find out about CareSync updates?
We work around the clock to keep CareSync updated. New releases are frequent so you have the best, most convenient access to your health records. We send update emails, post on our blog, and inform with in-app notifications.
Will CareSync notify family members in the event of an emergency or health crisis?
We encourage you to list emergency contacts into your personal profile so you can share the information with your Care Team. In case of an emergency, please call 911 immediately!
If I discontinue service, what happens to my records?
We’ll hate to see you go, but the data is yours. You can print or fax your entire CareSync record.

The CareSync Mobile App

What platforms does the mobile app work on?
Our iPhone and Android applications are available now. Check it out—and use Care Manager tools while you’re at your appointments! We’ve heard some incredible stories of patients stuck in the ER—they’re avoiding tests and getting better care when they have all their data available!
Can I sign up from my mobile phone?
Yes. You can sign up by visiting on your mobile device.
Will my provider use the information in my phone?
We’ve built in an amazing fax system that works right from the app. Amazingly, most providers still communicate with fax, so it’s an unusual option. You can open the section you want to share, click the "share" button, and choose Fax. This works great for sending accurate medication lists, health conditions, allergies, and more!

CareSync Plus

What does CareSync Plus cost?
CareSync Plus is a combination of the CareSync application and our records retrieval services. With CareSync Plus, you get unlimited record retrieval, where our trained specialists act on your behalf to collect, enter, and organize your health care information.

Just want to get your history? CareSync Plus Health History plan is available for just $129 to get you caught up—we’ll get all your records from all the providers you can add for sixty days. We’ll get the records for any visits you request during that time, too!

Click here for pricing options:
How long does it take to get my records…and how do I know the status?
The time to get records varies, depending on your providers’ response times. We’ve had records come in a record ONE DAY! Unfortunately, some take longer, especially if the records are in storage or are larger files. Medical practices are required to provide records within 30 days of the request.

You’ll get notifications when the records are added. Everything your CareSync Plus Representative does creates an activity for you to view. And you can check the status, view any alerts regarding the records, and communicate with your CareSync Plus representative right inside the record request.
How many people can I add to my Care Team?
As many as you need! Every family member and Care Team member you want to view your records must be a CareSync member. Of course, you can also add kids & family members (we’re even adding our pets!) who don’t log in on their own.
Are there any additional charges when CareSync collects my records from healthcare providers?
In our efforts to collect your medical records from your providers, our team may be presented with copying and processing fees for medical record requests (per federal and state statutes). These charges are the responsibility of the member; however, we work hard to ensure the providers understand how our services will benefit them, and we’ll let you know ahead of time if any fees so you can make a decision on obtaining that particular record.
Does CareSync collect vision and dental records?
We definitely do! For now, they will be scanned into your documents for quick access, but plans are in place to have them entered directly into CareSync, just like all of your other health records.

CareSync Calendar

Can I add my Caresync Appointments to my calendar?
Yes you can! You can add your CareSync appointments to any calendar that accepts iCal feeds. Choose from the whole family’s appointments, just your own, or subscribe to specific family members. Visit Share Calendar in Settings for the links required to set up your feeds.
Can I remove CareSync calendar feeds or rescind access to a CareSync calendar feed?
Yes, just click "Stop Sharing" next to a feed on the Calendar Sync page in Settings to sever any connection to a particular feed.
How do I update my appointment’s details?
Changing an appointment’s time, location, or reason in Care Manager will cause the calendar entry for the appointment to be updated. To change how long your appointment displays on the Calendar, edit its duration in your Calendar.
How do I add my CareSync Appointments to my Calendar program?
On iOS, tap Add to Device next to the appointment feed you wish to add.
On your Google Calendar, select Other Calendars from the left pane and choose Add by URL. Paste the copied URL of your chosen appointment feed and select Add Calendar to save.
On your Yahoo! Calendar, Select the + Button in the right pane. Select Subscribe to Calendar, then Next. Add a display name and calendar color, then click Save.
On your calendar, click Import, then Subscribe. Paste your copied URL for your chosen appointment feed, Add a display name and calendar color, then click Subscribe to save.
In Microsoft Outlook, select Account Settings in the File menu. Select Internet Calendars, then New. Paste your copied URL for your chosen appointment feed, then click Add.
For other calendars, look for options like “Add Calendar” or “Subscribe”, and paste your chosen appointment feed in the URL box. For more help, consult your calendar’s Help or FAQ.

Family & Caregivers

I am caring for an elderly parent. Can CareSync help?
Absolutely. With CareSync, you can create profiles to manage and store medical documentation and also collaborate with health care providers, family members, and trusted family friends. We understand caregiving isn’t an easy process and have created this program to lighten your load.
How do I remove someone from my Care Team?
Simply go to Personal, then Sharing Settings, and you can determine exactly what—if anything—each family member and caregiver can access. A coming release will have a simpler Delete function available.

Security & Privacy

How do I know my information is kept private?
CareSync is built on a privacy platform. When you create a login, a secure email is sent to you, and your account is activated after you confirm it. Everything we do observes the strictest of privacy and security rules.
Who can see my information?
Each time you add a family member or caregiver, you decide what level of information the person can see, and you can change it at any time. If you have CareSync Plus, the representative will act as a Care Team member. Our staff signs the same agreements as the people who work in your doctors’ offices.
Does CareSync comply with HIPAA regulations?
Our staff is trained and our applications are compliant with all current Health Information Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations, which ensure your data is private and secure.
Do you sell my information to anyone?
We do not sell your information. In the future, you will have the option to provide your data anonymously that could be shared with research groups. But that will require your explicit permission.

The Company

Do you have a medical team on staff?
Our team has centuries of combined healthcare technology experience. Our founder, Travis Bond, has a background in medicine, and founded an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) that is now owned by a publicly-traded company. Amy Gleason, Chief Operating Officer, is an RN, and has been working in healthcare technology for 17 years. Clinicians at CareSync are involved in all aspects of CareSync design, development, and quality assurance.

Dennis Mihale, MD, is our Chief Medical Officer. Dr. Mihale oversees a team of clinicians who, through CareSync Medical Group, work with patients for better health outcomes through accurate, timely health information, increased care plan adherence, and more productive visits with their existing care providers.
How can I spread the word about CareSync?
We’re all about making connections! Share your experience with your social networks, and go to Settings on your device—there’s a place to tell your social networks about CareSync.
There is a lot going on with payers and government. Are you involved in that?
We are actively involved in current and upcoming healthcare initiatives. In fact, we are currently in discussions with various entities that have historically been the gatekeepers of patient data. Check out our blog and our Twitter Feed periodically to see what we’re up to!
How can I get my support group involved? I share tons of information with them.
One of our upcoming features is the ability to interact with your community right inside CareSync. For now, add specific data sharing to your key contacts. Watch for updates as we connect the CareSync Community!