Medicare Patients

Discover how care coordination from your doctor and CareSync can make a tremendous difference in your health.

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Watch the video to learn how this care coordination benefit from Medicare can:

  • Give you access to Health Assistants 24/7/365
  • Lower your healthcare expenses
  • Stay on track with your doctor's treatment plan
  • Help you get and stay healthier

Coordinated Care Is Better Care

Care coordination is about proactively managing the health and well-being of patients even when they are not in the doctor’s office. CareSync provides you with this between-visit care as part of your doctor’s care coordination program.

Get answers to your healthcare questions day or night with phone and online access to healthcare support 24/7/365

Save money by avoiding duplicate tests, unnecessary treatments, trips to the emergency room, and hospitalizations

Remove burdens with support for finding more affordable medications and arranging transportation to medical appointments

Receive a personalized care plan that helps you stay on track with your care and follow through on your doctor’s instructions

Connect with valuable services, such as preventive care, specialist appointments, healthcare resources, and community programs

Get and stay healthier by avoiding complications, medical errors, and problems with your medications

Care coordination supports patients, family members, caregivers, and healthcare providers

With a Team-Based Approach to Care, You Win

Following your doctor’s instructions, we create a personalized care plan for you that helps get you and everyone involved in your care on the same page. It will include your health conditions, medications, doctor’s instructions, allergies, and appointments with all of your healthcare providers. This encourages all your doctors to work as a team and share important information to improve your health.

Care Coordination Benefits Everyone Involved In Your Care

Through care coordination, your doctor gains valuable information about your health and progress between office visits, and has peace of mind knowing you aren’t going without something important that you need, like a medication refill or an appointment with a specialist.

Additionally, any family members or caregivers who support your care can rest easier knowing someone is looking out for your best interests 24/7/365. You can even share your care plan with family members online or through the CareSync healthcare app on your smartphone or tablet.

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